Mob Timer

A team timer for


Installation is a shared team timer for the tool (Version 2.0.0 or later).

Define your team room by using a non-guessable string for your team. Configure by setting an environment variable (e. g. in your ~/.zshrc file).

export MOB_TIMER_ROOM=myteam-327266

Start a new terminal. The mob tool now sends a request to the server when a new timer was started, including the current timer interval and your configured Git username (git config

Use mob as normal:

All team members can view the timer at

Configure Username

You can overwrite the username by setting this environment variable:

export MOB_TIMER_USER=override-git-user

Activate Audio
Audio in browsers is tricky (justifiably).
Activate an audio signal by pressing the link Activate Audio in the footer.
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